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To file a GAO protest, you must be an interested party and meet GAO’s procedural requirements.

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GAO Bid Protest Lawyers

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Watson & Associates’ bid protest and government contacts’ appellate practice group frequently represent protestors, intervenors and interested parties in a variety of bidding disputes. Because we recognize the particular demands of protest litigation and the importance of exceptional appellate advocacy, we have experienced GAO protest attorneys to represent clients apply GAO bid protest rules from the initial filing process all the way through GAO’s final decision.

Watson & Associates’ GAO protest practitioners are frequently retained to challenge adverse agencies bid decisions or to preserve appeal rights to an unfavorable decision. Small businesses and large businesses alike also work closely with our firm’s federal procurement lawyers to develop comprehensive strategies and to position a case for successful resolution at either GAO or Court of Federal Claims.

Aggressive GAO Protest Litigation & Intervenor Advocacy

Our GAO bid protest lawyers are highly experienced in providing concise and forceful protest letters and legal briefs while delivering persuasive arguments. Our attorneys are able to identify and argue critical proposal evaluation issues in light of the applicable standard of review and have often achieved favorable results by Agencies deciding to take corrective action.

When clients take their bid protests to the US Court of Federal Claims, our lawyers can also appeal adverse decisions to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Our clients include small businesses and large DOD contractors from various industry groups. As a federal government contracts law firm, our attorneys have protested cases across a wide range of subject areas, including pre-award and post-award protest for improper technical evaluations, lowest-priced technically acceptable evaluations, unduly restrictive solicitations, meaningful discussions and more.

To speak to an experienced bid protest attorney, call 1-866-601-5518 for Free Initial Consultation.

GAO Bid Protest Intervention Help

Our GAO protests attorneys frequently work government contractors who want to exercise their rights as intervenors. Since the government’s interests may not align with yours, there are significant benefits to having an experienced GAO bid protest lawyer available. Early in the preparation and filing process, businesses are not quite sure about the various bid protest rules and filing deadlines. At Watson & Associates, our attorneys help with debriefing preparation and early assessment of the facts.

If you are looking to protect your interest as the awardee, our GAO protest lawyers will intervene and defend the bid decision on your behalf. Becoming a protest intervenor allows you to engage in the case instead of just hoping that the government saves the day. Read Information About the Process.

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Help in Various GAO Bid Protest Areas

As an integral part of the GAO protest practice, our government contract lawyers can handle time-sensitive (and time-consuming) tasks that are necessary to meet the short deadlines when filing a bid protest letter. Examples of disputes we handle include:

Both Pre-award and Post Award Bid Protests

Our government contract lawyers can represent you for numerous reasons during a pre-award or post-award GAO protests including:

Pre-award GAO Protest

Post-award GAO Protest

What’s Your Chance of Winning a GAO Government Contract Protest?

The GAO protest sustain rates in 2015 was 12%. It serves you well having a GAO contract protest attorney that understands government contracts and GAO protest regulations.

To avoid missing a GAO protest deadline and to get experienced government contract protest professionals on your team, contact the GAO protest attorneys at the law firm of Watson & Associates toll free at 866-601-5518 or 202-827-9750 with law offices in Washington DC and Colorado. Our attorneys can help interested parties in virtually all states in the U.S.

Simply stating that the agency should have done things differently does not meet protest filing requirements.

You must demonstrate that the agency either (a) did not follow its own solicitation criteria (b) violated procurement law or statutes (c) abused its discretion or acted unreasonably.

An effective GAO protest letter is crafted with specific facts and application of those facts to case law and statutes. This is one of the areas where having a government contract law attorney can be beneficial.

This is an essential requirement that impacts the outcome. Getting into sensitive source selection material in a government bid protest is allowed to develop allegations in the original complaint. As a contractor, you personally will not be allowed to have access to the Protective Order. Generally, only GAO protest attorneys are allowed to see such procurement sensitive information.

GAO protest lawyers are generally the only ones who can see sensitive source selection materials via a Protective Order.

Without being allowed into the Protective Order, you are left with only your original allegations and no access to important proof.

GAO Bid Protest Attorneys Serving Government Contractors Nationwide

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, our GAO protest attorneys are uniquely positioned to help small businesses and large DOD contractors across the country navigate through the complex GAO protests regulations.

Our law firm is comprised of a team of government contract protest attorneys and consultants who bring over three decades of procurement experience to your case. We have worked on the other side and know first-hand the crucial mistakes made during source selection. With this experience and understanding of the law, we are in the best position to help you through the GAO bid protest process.

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